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Fear Anxiety Overwhelm

Staying Powerful, Present, and Well in the time of Covid

Hi! I'm Kyle Thomas, if you don't know me that's okay. I'll give you some background about me and what I do but first I have a very important message for you


Both of us know these are challenging times. With communities across the world taking extraordinary measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus a lot of mental health options have either closed or are operating under extremely limited schedule. And if you are like most of us right now, you are either under a lock down order, voluntarily self quarantined, or are facing this pandemic head-on as an essential worker. You are being asked to give more than you ever have before, to be Mom, Dad, caretaker, educator, shopper, activities coordinator for everyone in your home all while keeping up with the news and taking care of yourself at the same time. IT IS OVERWHELMING in the best of times to do this on your own. 

And I want you to know you are not alone in this.

With all the frustration of kids being trapped in the house

With all the fear of the next news report 

With all the overwhelm of figuring out how to do it all again tomorrow


It is possible to handle this time together without overwhelm, without anxiety, without paralyzing fear. 

It is entirely possible to simply, and powerfully, create structures for stability in chaos RIGHT NOW and recover our ability to navigate symptoms and our capacity for self care.

Without adding to your to do list during the day.

Without taking pharmaceutical measures to knock out the feelings in your body

Without having to deal with all your "stuff" before hand to be effective 

INSTEAD, we help you create peacefulness in your home no matter what is going on, holistically and sustainably. 


Our method helps you overcome the freezing up, indecision, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, and overwhelm associated with this Pandemic. At the same time, without adding any extra work, we also help you become the source of peacefulness in your network so that you can spread effective practices to your whole family and community. 

My name is Kyle Thomas and I am a holistic mental health provider and acupuncturist. For over the last 10 years I have shared the methods to do this with my private clients and for the first time I am offering an Intensive 4 week Workshop where we meet privately and in small groups to learn 4 simple, powerful, and invaluable skills to transform our experience into empowerment in our own lives and for our loved ones around us. 


The next step is to sign up for a consultation to make sure the workshop "Triaging fear, anxiety, and overwhelm" is right for you before you commit to taking on this life changing practice.

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