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Why you need this formula:

Xiao Yao San is one of those amazing treasures given to us by Chinese Medicine.  Although the formula itself was created long before the advent of modern life, it provides the perfect support for our current hectic lifestyles and the everyday stress we each face. 

Xiao Yao San Medicinal Tea

    • soothes and calms our overtaxed nervous system, assisting our body in coming out of a fight or flight state and into a more harmonious state of relaxed balance
    • smoothes our internal flow of energy, thus eliminating digestive upsets common with stress, such as lack of appetite, acid reflux, gas, and bloating
    • eliminates inflammation caused by stress
    • nourishes our internal organs as well as the muscles and tendons to ensure a healthier and more vibrant body.
  • Xiao Yao San has been studied extensively in clinical trials, including those conducted by the National Institutes of Health.  Xiao Yao San has most commonly been used to effectively treat: depressive disorders, anxiety, PMS, irregular menstruation, infertility, prostatitis, impotence, Liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, IBS, anorexia, and hyperlipidemia.  


    In clinic, I often recommend this formula to patients who are suffering with the effects of stress, those with menstrual issues and those with digestive disorders.  

    While taking Xiao Yao San, I recommend that patients drink at least 6 glasses of water per day, practice at least 5 minutes of deep breathing twice a day, sigh often to release tension naturally, avoid blue light (screens) after sunset, and go to bed earlier.


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