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Why you need this formula:

Wind is the brain child of Botanical Biohacking, a traditional Chinese herbal supplement company dedicated to bringing the most powerful and potent herbal medicine to the patients that need it most.  This formula was created by combining two traditional formulas, Xiao Chai Hu and San Ren Tang, in order to enhance their effectiveness and target conditions that otherwise were difficult to effectively treat with one herbal formula alone.  Wind is the go-to base formula to have on hand for colds, flus and viruses.  

Wind (Xiao Chai Hu + San Ren Tang) Medicinal Tea

  • Colds, flus and viruses are caused by the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms within the body.  The herbs in Wind work by dissolving the biofilm of pathogenic microorganisms and using the natural elimination system of the body to send these invaders out as waste products all while reducing the symptoms commonly associated with being sick, such as headache, body aches, alternating fever and chills and lack of appetite. 

  • Clinically, the two formulas that comprise Wind have been extensively studied and found to be effective in treating the common cold, influenza, acute bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media (ear infections) as well as various gastrointestinal disorders, liver disorders and migraines.  


    In clinic, I highly recommend everyone have a bag of this on hand for colds, flus and viruses.  Wind works best if it is taken at the first signs of sickness.  If fever or other signs of heat are predominant, I will suggest adding herbs that provide additional heat clearing properties, including Isatis root, which clears heat and benefits the respiratory system.  


    While taking Wind tea, I recommend patients keep their feet, hands, head and neck warm and dry, avoid exposure to cold, damp and drafty areas, enjoy plenty of warm liquids, including lemon water and broth, and get as much rest as possible. 


    In addition to Wind tea, we offer other herbal formulas, such as Dispel Invasion and Gan Mao Ling to fight the common cold.

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