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Why you need this formula:

If you do not eat a perfect, well-balanced diet, then you need this formula.  If you like to eat any dairy, processed grains or packaged foods of any sort, you need this formula.  If you suffer from any digestive issue, such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, irregular bowel movements, or any sinus issues, you need this formula.  Microguard and Microguard Plus were developed by the incredibly gifted minds at Botanical Biohacking, a traditional Chinese herbal supplement company dedicated to bringing the most powerful and potent herbal medicine to the patients that need it most.  These formulas were created by combining single herbs that eliminate mucus, plaque and water retention.   What’s the difference between Microguard vs. Microguard Plus?  Microguard Plus has two additional herbs in it, thus making it a bit stronger in effect than Microguard.  



  • The herbs in Microguard and Microguard Plus literally dissolve and remove mucus, plaque and the organisms that bind up our digestive system.  These herbs are also able to move areas of fluid causing water retention and bloating.  The herbs within Microguard and Microguard Plus not only eliminate what we don’t want lurking within our bodies, but hey also assist our gut flora in rebalancing the ratio of good bacteria that we need in order to have a strong immune system, a healthy gut-brain axis and overall improved digestive health.  

  • I am currently unaware of Microguard and Microguard Plus being clinically studied outside of the labs of Botanical Biohacking.  However, the data form Botanical Biohacking has been quite convincing as to the effectiveness of these formulas.  In addition, these formulas are utilized by Chinese Medicine practitioners throughout China and North America with great success.  


    Personally, I tried both of these formulas before ever recommending them to a patient and I was so utterly impressed, I immediately began to utilize them clinically.  Not only did I find that my sinus cleared up, my digestion and bowel movements improved and I lost weight.  


    I have successfully used this formula to assist patients with the treatment of sinus issues, IBS and digestive complaints and most commonly use one of these formulas as an adjunct in the treatment of other issues.  The reason for the addition of this formula, even if a patients main complaint is not sinus or digestive related?  I really truly believe that gut health and gut optimization is the key to good health, optimum immunity and longevity.  There are simply too many studies out there on the link between gut health and immune and brain function to ignore.  With our diet devoid of so many needed nutrients, this is, in my humble herbalist 

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